Company Profile

Premier Seeds has been successfully processing farm saved seed for the discerning cereal growers of East Anglia for many years, providing a high quality, family run, innovative and efficient service.

As the originators of mobile gravity separation machinery for farm saved seed processing, coupled with the design and build of all our machinery including the well known Crown Gravity Separator, our 30+ years experience is unrivalled.

All our mobile seed processing machinery is manufactured & maintained in house and comprises modern, high capacity 8 -12 tonne/hour mobile units with continuous flow seed treatment and electronic weighing all powered by our own generator.

The Crown Gravity separator generates a very high quality sample, removing impurities, admixture, insect damage and immature kernels to produce a bold, vigorous, high germination sample from most combinable crops.

  • All our Mobile Seed Processing units are operated on farm by full time, permanent, BASIS qualified technicians
  • We offer a full range of agrochemicals
  • We are authorised to collect BSPB Plant Royalties where necessary
  • We can offer a full range of precautionary test for cereals using an independent, verified laboratory.
  • All our team members take pride in the friendly, prompt & professional service delivered to growers.

Mobile Seed Processing & The Benefits of Farm Saved Seed:

  • Farm Saved Seed delivers substantial & significant cost savings when compared to buying in EC certified seed.
  • With Mobile Seed Processing, the whole Farm Saved Seed operation is kept ‘on-farm’, therefore only the very best quality seed is selected for dressing, under the grower’s supervision.
  • Mobile Seed Processing gives growers greater control, ensuring their seed is processed and ready on farm when required.
  • Mobile Seed Processing can offer growers flexibility of seed treatment choice; Premier Seeds can supply most commercially available agrochemicals.
  • Our Mobile Seed Processing operation is a personal, face-to-face process between growers & our full time, BASIS qualified, Mobile Seed Processing Operators.

Please contact us on 01728 602461 or email to discuss your requirements for this year’s harvest season.

Please see the map below for an indication of the areas we cover:

Premier Seeds Lorry
Combine Harvester
Premier Seeds Area Map